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Hi, I’m Michiel. I’m a professional programmer for more than a decade. I work mostly in PHP and javascript, mainly in Magento and Laravel. I write testable code and love to give testing workshops to you and your colleagues. You can hire me for freelance/consulting jobs.

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Laravel, Magento

Accessing Magento data from Laravel

Recently I was in the process of migrating a Magento webshop to a SaaS webshop solution. Normally I would access the product and other data by using the API. In this case this was a problem as there was a lot of data that I was not able to access. I needed the output of blocks and some custom modules which where not exposed to the API.
Magento 2, Testing

Swapping instances in the object manager

Coming up next week is MageTestFest. For the last ~2 years I have been doing a lot with testing and Magento, and I think this is awesome. In that spirit I decided to write this blogpost down.
Magento, Quick Tip

Disabling all non Magento modules in Magento 2

Recently i was working on a Magento 2 webshop. It had a bug that when you visited the order grid you would get an exception. It was very generic, from the exception trace i was not possible to find the source. When i had a similar problems in Magento 1 the first step i would do was disable all non-Magento modules. This was simple, just move the xml files of the module you wanted disabled out of the app/etc/modules directory and you're done.
Laravel, Quick Tip

Requiring .env entries in Laravel

In Laravel you can set your environment specific variables by using the .env file. In the application you can then easily retrieve the variable by using the env('VARIABLE_NAME') function. This file is not be meant to be added to git. This way you can a secret values in your project without accidentally add them to git and sharing them.
Laracon, Laravel, Unconference

Laracon EU unconference

This week i attended the European version of Laracon. It was a lot of fun and i talked to a lot of friends. There where a lot of great talks.
Continuous Deployment, Laravel, WordPress, Laravel Envoyer

Laravel Envoyer and Wordpress deployments

Deploying an application can be hard. The new code must be pulled in, permissions must be set, migrations must be run, etc. In some cases the whole website goes down while deploying a new version. And the more that must be done manual, the more can, and eventually, will go wrong.
Laravel, Quick Tip

Hide Laravel from Wappalyzer

Since a few years everyone seems to be using Laravel for about everything. That is completely understandable, as it provides some great features. The only downside is that when there is a (security) bug this is easily exploited.
Ansible, Linux, Raspberry, LEMP

Make your Raspberry a LEMP server with Ansible

A few weeks back it was my birthday. I never now what to ask that is cheap enough for most people. But this time i thought of the Raspberry PI Zero W.
Composer, Quick Tip

Speedup Composer using Prestissimo

Composer is a revolution in the PHP world. You can use it to manage your dependencies, but it can be slow on big projects.
GIT, Quick Tip

Changing the url of a GIT repository

Want to know how to change the url of your GIT repository? That is quite simple.