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So a few months ago i was doubting about my freelance career. In the mean time things become more clear for me and i have found some new clients who gave me some freedom in my work, for which i'm very thankful. 

The last ~6 months i was working mostly from home. This is great and has some big benefits, but can be lonely at times. There are also a lot of distractions at times. So i decided it was time to look for an official office.

I ended up with This complex is brand new but is focused on webshops. I don't run a webshop, but ~90% of my time i'm working on/for webshops or webshop related things, and i have been doing this for the last 10+ years. So it's a very logical step for me to move to this location.

The benefits of this location are pretty clear for me:

  • Having some people to have a chat with sometimes.

  • Pretty close to my home.

  • My target audience.

  • A good place to receive clients.

Want to view my new office in real person and have a coffee? That's great. You can visit me at:
Cruquiszoom 51
2142 EW Cruquius

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