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Introducing Laravel Email on Event

Recently i was working on a Laravel project and i needed to add some sales emails: Onboarding when someone registers, an e-mail when an order was placed. That kinds of things.
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Manage WordPress using Composer

It took me a while before i finally found the right combination, but i now have a full working setup where is manage my WordPress dependencies using Composer. Before this i used to have a local copy of my WordPress site where i run all updates, and then committed all code that was changed so i could get deployed. I knew this was dirty, but i've tried on multiple occasions to find a better solution but my Google fu failed me.
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Using the Magento Marketplace MEQP with PHPStorm

To get your extension in the Magento Marketplace you have to comply with there rules. One of these rules is that your code must pass their Magento Marketplace Extension Quality Program Coding Standard, or Marketplace EQP in short. This is a set of custom Code Sniffer tools which inspects your code on quite a few common mistakes. For example:
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Install Magento 2 with one command (Valet+ only)

For my daily work as a freelancer i tend to use a lot of disposable environments: I use them to check a bug in that specific version for example, and them throw them away. Setting up Magento can be a lengthy process, but with this one liner i can bring it down to ~10 minutes, depending on you internet & cpu speed. It installs the required Magento version including sample data.
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Introducing Shorty

In my day to day life i tend to switch between Magento, Laravel and Symfony on a regular basis. Each system has it's pros and cons, but Magento has one pro over the other two: If you are using Magerun you can run console commands from any directory inside your project. It always bugged me that there isn't such a thing for Laravel, Symfony or other frameworks. That's why i created Shorty
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Speedup Composer using Prestissimo

Composer is a revolution in the PHP world. You can use it to manage your dependencies, but it can be slow on big projects.