Continuous Deployment

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Automating WordPress and WooCommerce updates

One of my customers has a WooCommerce webshop with a high revenue. They also have quite a few plugins, and manually updating takes quite a lot of time. Let's see how we can change that.
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Deploying Magento using Deployer and GitHub Actions

This guide walks you through Magento 2 deployment, covering Deployer Plus, Hyvä support, preparing Magento, and leveraging GitHub Actions for an efficient process.
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Manage WordPress using Composer

It took me a while before i finally found the right combination, but i now have a full working setup where is manage my WordPress dependencies using Composer. Before this i used to have a local copy of my WordPress site where i run all updates, and then committed all code that was changed so i could get deployed. I knew this was dirty, but i've tried on multiple occasions to find a better solution but my Google fu failed me.
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Creating SSH keys using PHP

So in my day to day development i like to use continues deployment for every project where i can. Continues deployment means that everytime i push a commit to master the latest version of master will automatically be deployed to my production environment. This makes my development cycle way faster, and it makes sure that it don't have any basic problems, like handling untracked changes on the production. It just works.
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Laravel Envoyer and Wordpress deployments

Deploying an application can be hard. The new code must be pulled in, permissions must be set, migrations must be run, etc. In some cases the whole website goes down while deploying a new version. And the more that must be done manual, the more can, and eventually, will go wrong.