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Testing the email sending in Magento 2

Sending emails in Magento is a huge PITA. But testing if an email actually is sent, and checking the contents, is actually quite simple.
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Testing Magento 2 extensions in a continuous integration pipeline

As you might know i like to write code that is tested. Now, writing tests in Magento can be quite hard, but running your tests in a continuous integration pipeline can be even harder. Even more harder is it to test standalone Magento 2 extensions in a continuous integration pipeline.
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Revive your Magento integration tests

In my day to day job as a freelancer i get to work on quite a few different Magento setups. Now as i try to practice Test Driven Development (TDD) wherever i can, i kept hitting the same bump in the road: when you have an installation that is around for some time, there is a big chance that the integration test setup is broken.
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Debugging the Magento 2 integration test setup

You might have been at the same point where i have been a few times: You want to start with integration tests on an existing Magento 2 store. You follow the steps to setup your IDE, start the first test and wait. After a while you get one of these nasty non descriptive errors: