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Warden, Magento 2, Magento 2 local environment, Webgrind

Using Webgrind with Warden

Need to profile a project and don't have access to Blackfire? You can use Xdebug to achieve a similar result.
Magento 2, Magento 2 local environment, Hyvä

Installing Hyvä through the CLI

Need to install Hyvä in a fast and easy way through the CLI? In this article I will explain to you how I achieve that.
Magento 2, Continuous Deployment, GitHub Actions, Deployer

Deploying Magento using Deployer and GitHub Actions

This guide walks you through Magento 2 deployment, covering Deployer Plus, Hyvä support, preparing Magento, and leveraging GitHub Actions for an efficient process.
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Using a debug.php with Magento

Sometimes you have some code you want to test, but you don't want to go the full module/controller route, but the code is too complex for magerun dev:console. This article is for you.
Magento 2, Testing, Integration test

Testing the email sending in Magento 2

Sending emails in Magento is a huge PITA. But testing if an email actually is sent, and checking the contents, is actually quite simple.
Magento 2

Invoking javascript in the Magento frontend

There are multiple ways in Magento 2 how you can use Javascript in the frontend. In this post I'll go over the options.
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WTF is a proxy in Magento?

Proxies in Magento allow you to wait with the rendering of the object until it is actually needed, but what does that even mean?
Valet Plus+, Magento 2

Running Magento 2.4.0 on Valet+

Valet+ has support for ElasticSearch 6.8, but Magento 2.4.0 requires you to install a newer version, 7.6 or higher. How do you handle that with Valet+
Magento 2, Magento 2 local environment

Save environment specific settings in your env.php file

This scenario has happened to me too many times: I downloaded a backup of a site (stripped from customer data of course), import the database in my local environment and open the site. At this moment you will get redirected to the site where the data originates from and you figure you need to change some URLs.
Magento 2, 2 factor authentication

How to disable 2-factor authentication in Magento 2.4.0

In previous versions of Magento it was possible to enable 2 factor authentication (2fa) for admin users. In Magento 2.4.0 Adobe decided to kick the security up a notch and force 2-factor authentication for all users in the backend. Now 2-factor authentication is great as it adds another layer of security in your webshop, but it can also be too much. Especially when you work by following OTAP where you have multiple environments.