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Retrieving orders using the Magento 2 API

Recently i had to fetch order information using the Magento 2 API, and to be more specific: The latest orders with a specific status. This turned out to be a bit harder than i initially expected. Magento has some pretty good documentation on this subject, but i still needed a little bit tinkering to get the right result.
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Conditionally hide or show a block in Magento 2

Somehow i only found about this little gem only recently. In your layout xml you can use the ifconfig parameter to hide or show block depending on your configuration. It works as following.
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Download a file in a controller in Magento 2

Today i had to create a file download from a Magento 2 controller. I turnes out that this is quite simple. Now, it's good to know that there are 2 options here.
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Flush Magento Cache vs Flush Cache Storage

This is question is asked and answered on Stack Overflow before, but it always surprises me how many people still don't know the difference. The difference is quite simply though.
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Share your local Magento environment with the world

Sometimes you need to share your local Magento environment with the world. This may be to share it with someone, to test it on a real phone, or to test some kinds of api response for example.
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Install Magento 2 with one command (Valet+ only)

For my daily work as a freelancer i tend to use a lot of disposable environments: I use them to check a bug in that specific version for example, and them throw them away. Setting up Magento can be a lengthy process, but with this one liner i can bring it down to ~10 minutes, depending on you internet & cpu speed. It installs the required Magento version including sample data.
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My Magento 2 workflow

When people share their workflow/tools i love to read them as it gives me the option to improve mine. I think i currently have a pretty decent workflow which allows me to develop faster than ever. I wanted to share this flow with you so everyone can use it.
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Redirect a domain to https with nginx in Direct Admin

I always forget how to redirect a domain from http -> https when i'm in Direct Admin.
Continuous Deployment, Quick Tip

Creating SSH keys using PHP

So in my day to day development i like to use continues deployment for every project where i can. Continues deployment means that everytime i push a commit to master the latest version of master will automatically be deployed to my production environment. This makes my development cycle way faster, and it makes sure that it don't have any basic problems, like handling untracked changes on the production. It just works.
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Disabling all non Magento modules in Magento 2

Recently i was working on a Magento 2 webshop. It had a bug that when you visited the order grid you would get an exception. It was very generic, from the exception trace i was not possible to find the source. When i had a similar problems in Magento 1 the first step i would do was disable all non-Magento modules. This was simple, just move the xml files of the module you wanted disabled out of the app/etc/modules directory and you're done.