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Testing the email sending in Magento 2

Sending emails in Magento is a huge PITA. But testing if an email actually is sent, and checking the contents, is actually quite simple.
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Testing Magento 2 extensions in a continuous integration pipeline

As you might know i like to write code that is tested. Now, writing tests in Magento can be quite hard, but running your tests in a continuous integration pipeline can be even harder. Even more harder is it to test standalone Magento 2 extensions in a continuous integration pipeline.
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Testing jobs in Laravel

Recently someone in a Slack channel i’m a member of asked the following:I want to test if job A fires job B, but how do you test something like that?Niek ten HoopenEspecially when the queue is set up to be run asychronus this seems impossible to test. The normal flow would be something like this:
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Debugging the Magento 2 integration test setup

You might have been at the same point where i have been a few times: You want to start with integration tests on an existing Magento 2 store. You follow the steps to setup your IDE, start the first test and wait. After a while you get one of these nasty non descriptive errors:
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Swapping instances in the object manager

Coming up next week is MageTestFest. For the last ~2 years I have been doing a lot with testing and Magento, and I think this is awesome. In that spirit I decided to write this blogpost down.